Counseling Department Mission & Vision Statements

Vallivue High School Counseling Staff
Front row, left to right, kneeling: Christian Adamson (College and Career Advisor), Jake Mamer (Counselor), and Kelly Emry (Counselor).
Back row, left to right: Laurie Ady (Counseling Secretary), Julie Dillehay (Counselor), Darci Peterson (Career Center Coordinator), and  Kohlyn Bunn (Registrar). 

Vallivue High School Counseling Program Mission Statement 

The mission of the Vallivue High School Counseling Department is to connect all students to their future; to prepare all students for success as 21st century citizens; to utilize innovative strategies to reduce the achievement gaps for all students in collaboration with faculty, administration, parents, post-secondary, and State Department of Education.


Vallivue High School Counseling Department Vision Statement 

The Vallivue High School Counseling Department provides a comprehensive school counseling program that is equally available to all students to provide education, skill, and aptitudes needed to be successful and productive citizens.  Students contribute to the strength of their communities, and the nation at large, by the acceptance of responsibilities, positive values, and diversity. Students possess the essential survival skills to meet the challenges presented by their career, community, and global environments. Students embrace the notion that education is a lifelong process and that learning is facilitated through the efforts of their family, their community, and their school. Students rise to the level of highest standards to which they are held and acquire knowledge to the full extent of their abilities, aptitudes, capabilities, and interests through a counseling program that recognizes and provides for individual differences.


Comprehensive School Counseling Program 

A comprehensive school counseling program is an integral component of the school's academic mission. Comprehensive school counseling programs, driven by student data and based on standards in academic, career, and social/emotional development, promote and enhance the learning process for all students. (ASCA National Model, 2012).   

The Comprehensive Vallivue Counseling Program will:

·         Advocate for and support all students

·         Collaborate with stakeholders to address academic, personal/social, and career needs to students through a comprehensive, collaborative, preventative, and developmentally appropriate program

·         Support the vision and mission of the Vallivue School District and the State of Idaho in closing achievement gaps

·         Encourage and support research and cultural indicators in designing best practices

·         Provide responsive individual counseling services

·         Approach the counseling profession from a growth mindset


Counselor Role and Philosophy Statement

The counselors at Vallivue High School believe:

·         All students can learn.

·         All students have dignity and worth.

·         Learning is a fundamental birthright.

·         Preventative strategies are best practice.

·         “It’s all about relationships.”

·         Four gaps exist which must be addressed by best practice counseling programs:

v  Achievement Gap

v  Global Achievement Gap

v  CTE Skill Acquisition Gap

v  Generation Gap


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