Dual Credit Opportunities

Dual Credit

Dual credit courses are COLLEGE classes that are taught here at Vallivue High School.  Here’s how it works: for $65 per credit, students can choose from a list of Vallivue High School courses that are ‘dually’ taught.  This means that the teacher is teaching a curriculum that not only lines up with high school standards, but is also aligned with a college curriculum.  Students taking these courses can receive 1 credit per semester on their high school transcript PLUS 3 to 5 credits on a college transcript for the same class. Vallivue students can graduate with a significant amount of college credits already started for a fraction of the cost by taking dual credit courses.  

Vallivue High School offers the following dual credit courses:
Course at VHSCollege CourseCreditsInstitutionVHS Teacher
Pre-CalculusMath 1475CWILanning
College AlgebraMath 1433CWILanning
AP Calculus 1Math 1705CWIJamison
AP English 11ENG 1013CWIFord
AP English 12ENG 1753CWIBarclay
AP U.S. Government/U.S. GovernmentPOLS 1013CWIFisk
AP U.S. HistoryHIST 111/1126CWIHarris
U.S. History 11HIST 1123CWIStephens/Fisk/Thomas
Marketing EconomicsECON 2013CWISchimmelpfennig
Banking & FinanceFINA 1023CWISchimmelpfennig
Spanish 2SPAN 1014CWIHart
Spanish 3SPAN 1024CWIHart
ChemistryCHEM 1014CWIOdell
AP BiologyBIOL 1004BSUHale
Anatomy and PhysiologyBIOl 2274CWIHale
Environmental ScienceBIOL 1204CWIRobbins
Health ProfessionsALLH 2022CWIHammons
ACAD 101 Academic Success TopicsACAD 1012BSULundgren

NOTICE: These credits do not automatically transfer to the institution where you attend college. You must request your official transcript  from the college where your dual credit originated! Here are links on how to send your transcripts:
College of Western Idaho
Boise State University

ALL dual credit courses transfer to any college that accepts transfer credits.  You can cross reference dual credit courses with your student’s college of preference to see how those credits transfer. Go to the admissions page of the college’s website and click on ‘transfer students’, then ‘transfer credits’. If the particular course isn’t listed, you can call the college admissions personnel for verification.  A great website for checking on transferring credits to Idaho colleges is  http://www.idtransfer.org/
Dual Credit information and how credits transfer to various universities in Idaho.  Always check with your college to see how dual credits will transfer.

University of Idaho - 
Northwest Nazarene University -
Brigham Young University -

Important Dual Credit Transfer Information 

Students who have completed dual credit courses at Vallivue will need the following information to transfer those credits to the college you will be attending in the fall.  The credits you earned are at College of Western Idaho.  To transfer credits to the college of your choice, please read below:

If you choose to request a transcript online, go to www.studentclearinghouse.org

For transcripts from BSU, log into your my.boisestate account and order a transcript at http://registrar.boisestate.edu/transcripts/.  If you have questions, call 208-426-4249

If you need further assistance, you can contact us at the Vallivue counseling office: 454-9257.